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The Temple


Pastor Kyle shares about how Jesus' passion for the Temple relates to His passion for all people all over the world to know Him and be forgiven.

The Ransom


This week Pastor Kyle shares about the great love and sacrifice that Christ made for us in dying on the cross as a ransom for our sins.

The Trap


This week, Pastor Kyle shares about tough sayings of Jesus regarding money and how we should take time to meditate on these truths.

The Mountain


Pastor Kyle shares about how Christ is a mediator for us and brings us near to God, where we could never be on our own.

The Turn


In this week, as our church remembers September 11th, Kyle shares about how Jesus flipped the idea of a king on its head.

The Approach


Pastor Kyle shares about how we can approach our Savior with a rightness assertiveness.

The Stain


In this message, Kyle explains how the grace of Jesus takes away the deepest sins that plague and haunt us.

The Waiting


Pastor Kyle shares with us how in moments when we feel God has forgotten us, we can be sure that He is still there. We must learn to be patient and recognize God works on His time, not ours.

Ultimate rest is only found in Christ, and Kyle explores this concept in the King and the Cross series this week.

Kyle continues uncovering the story of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark and the healing found in Christ.

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