Pastor Kyle shares how patience has always been a part of Christmas and is vital for our lives today.

Hope is a vital commodity today, and it has always been an intricate part of the Christian faith.  Do you have hope?

What are you waiting for?  Waiting has always been a part of Christmas, and Pastor Kyle shares how it continues to be a part of the Christian life.

Pastor Kyle Walters shares about how generosity and giving is to be a part of the life of the believer.

The Beginning


Kyle Walters shares about how the Resurrection is just as amazing and true today as it was when it first happened.

The End


In this message, Kyle shares about how the King bearing the Cross was the culmination of Christ's work here on earth.

The End


Pastor Kyle shares about how the cross was God's love and sacrifice and the end of hopelessness, which was made available for all people who believe.

The Sword


Pastor Kyle explores the difference between the values of God's Kingdom and those of this world and how God's values flip our world upside down.

The Cup


In this week of the King and the Cross, Pastor Kyle presented how Christ bore our sin upon Himself and drank the cup that we deserved to drink.

The Feast


Pastor Kyle explains the significance of the Lord's Supper and how it is key to understanding how we know God through faith in Christ.

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